Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rain Rain Rain. Getting ready for Ostara.

The rain is here again. It has been dry and sunny.
Spring is just emerging. The rain will bring needed
help for our mother to shower us with her color and radiance.
I am already making strategies in my head.
Serrano peppers here, green beans over there
hmmm, cucumbers and lettuce.
Tomatoes and onions. I dig making salsa!!! Yum!

Then, the joy of picking wild berries! Making jam!
Chasing the starlings from the bush and getting the good ones.
The wild flowers that will cover the meadows.
The green has begun. The deer are roaming the yard.
The red-breasted robins are coming back in full force.
The ravens and crows forced to share the nourishment of the ground.

The rain does fall, causing my mind to
wonder and delight in the earth's
magnificent rhythm.

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