Friday, February 13, 2009

hunger attack

If it could be this easy. Serotonin is a tricky some. Makes you highhhhh as your mind is capable. But, can cause havoc in your body- migraines and vertigo. There is a big one tho. One that serotonin is famous for........

In this world it's called depression. It could also be sensitive or intuitive emotional. Either way, medication is often prescribed. To insure it's effectiveness don't drink or do drugs. Oh, and if you are horny, better up the dose. Can't have tooooo much fun while we are at it.

Don't get too comfy with your clothes, cause your weight just might go up and up. But, remember it's for the common good. No need to have non-neurotically people out on the prowl. Could get sticky.

Every once in awhile you can skip a pill. Feel the rush, the emotions that are all too human. Night filled with acid-like color dreams that transport the mind to other realms.

tsk tsk

hmmm, I guess I am being a good girl. I am hungry.

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