Monday, February 2, 2009

BLessed Imbolc

Oh Blessed Brigit
Inspiring poets
Goddess of the holy well and sacred flame.
Today we celebrate the awakening of spring.
We light the fire to mark the return of the light from the dark winter.
We braid the bread, made with grain and fire.
We hang the white cloth outside on the eve
absorbing your energy we may later need for inspiration.
It has been said your name translates as fiery arrow.
When we receive a brilliant idea from the muse
we do indeed proclaim that we are all fired up!

The christians wanted to put out your sacred flame and creativity.
No matter. They were no match for you.
Simply calling you Saint Brigit
to lay claim to your land, people and spirit
Yet, if one looks thought he haze
of this spell cast, they will find many
who keep your fire alive
for they know you bring the light, the ewes, healing
you bring good fortune and the knowledge
the light is coming
the darkness is retreating.


Shannon said...

did you write this?

i am so happy you posted this about Imbolc and St. Brigit on my blog and apu. I have been so wrapped up in myself I totally forgot!

Chaos and love said...

Yes, I did write this.

I am glad I reminded you of the day;)

Shannon said...

Its just beautiful!! Thank you for writing this :)