Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Poem For A Student Lost

Written by my friend and co-worker LaVonne Chue
A former student at the school I work at passed away(16). I did not know her, but know her younger siblings(1st grade). However, this has affected many wonderful people I work with at the school. It is incredibly sad, but through support, I am hoping for some calm and understanding. Please keep them in your thoughts. Peace.

I wish you knew
Tomorrow would be better.
That life is full of disappointment
and victories.
I wish you knew how your smile
was so contagious
and your bright eyes put people at ease.

I wish you had a chanceto experience more.
Love, independence, responsibility
and your own power.
I wish we knew
you were hurting inside.
You put on such a
Strong front.

I wish I knew
How I could have helped.
How can we see
what is in your thoughts behind the brown eyes and perfect smile.

How can we create a spark of light
When the world is dark and desperate.

I wish you knew
How losing you
Will make me try harder
Make me think smarter
about the world and how words
will change a mind
and how a little compliment
might warm a saddened heart.

I wish you new,
I wish we knew,
I wish you weren’t gone.

1 comment:

Maggie May said...

What a tragic loss. A very heartfelt remembrance.