Saturday, April 11, 2009

The mix tape

Sittin by the window listening to the radio. Fingers on REC, waiting for that song to play. Come on now, ya, a bit of DJ intro and then, bam! "Brothers sisters we don't need this fascist groooove thing!" "Don't watch that, watch this. The heavy heavy monster sound. One step beyoooond." ahhh, the timing, the need. Then, the mix tape!! Oh yeahhhhhh. I remember them well. Love, madness, intoxication.

My friend Bill made me a rad mix tape in high school. Some Frank Zappa, "she's only 13 and she knows how to nasty." The doors, "Break on through, break on through, break, break." Some Beatles, "listen to the color of your dreams, is it not living, is it not living." The Cocteau Twins with their ethereal non-language singing. What a trip.

Best friends tape, punk of course! "Welcome to Der Wiener Schnitzel can I take your order please!" "To drunk to fuck, I'm to drunk to drunk to fuuuckkk." Hahaha, gettin chili fries at Tommy's in her blue 64 and a half Mustang. Sweeet.

She had all the angst and I had all the love, yaaaaa.

I still have some of those tapes of nightly sessions by the radio and turntable. The simple joy of dancing to the mix tape that made your body flyyyyyyy.

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