Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Love

I figured it out. The all day thoughts. Checking texts to see if one had come. To sigh at the sound of his voice. The slight nervousness of not hearing from him. It's love. Simple. Love. I have not been in love for so long, it seems I forgot what it was to be. Today, it just hit me. Laughing outside, I told myself, "I am in love."
Unrequited or reciprocated?? Isn't that the dilemma of it all?
To be honest, it does not matter. Why? You see I had forgotten this feeling. The idea that someone could be attracted to me and I to them. To see the future with them in it. The bliss and the euphoria of contact. So, this person has reminded me of what I am capable of being. I am so grateful. Love. Amazing. I love A. R. and I am happy.


Shell said...

I'm all warm and fuzzy now! How shiny!!!

Sarah said...

Ohhh yes I remember that feeling - so nice!!
You must be near me somewhere - I'm over in Coeur d Alene, ID.
Namaste, Sarah

Chaos and love said...

I know! It's kinda swoony. I am close a bit. I am at the border by Blaine, WA!
I do adore a certain writer from your town Sarah!!

Shannon said...

swoon indeed.