Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well Fuckity fuck fuck ;)

Yes, I admit it. I love a good curse word. Always have I must say. Not all the time, but the f bomb might just slip out occasionally. Hehe. I remember one time my best friend and I during our high school years had a cussin incident. Just happened to be with the cops. Did not spy them. They overheard us I assume because they accused us of not being very lady like. Guilty. Shrug. I also witnessed my son at the ripe age of two, drop his cup and say, "ohh shit" like it was nothin. I have tried to curb my usage of said words. Sometimes I regress, for shame!!!
However, I do enjoy how fuck, motherfucker, and what the hell, roll off my tongue at times. Yes, yes, I do.

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