Saturday, July 11, 2009

Man in the Parking Lot

Sending side glances at your neck-tie wearing ass.
Ya, that's right.
read my fuckin bumperstickers, eat your loaded calorieKFC massacre.
Go ahead, laugh out loud. It's stickers on a car man.
Wait, you notice me lookin. Hmm, You smile.
Love thoses roaming eyes. Like what you see Mr. ?
Watch me walk, to, that, oh no, car.
Sneer, one last up and down, walk to your maroon painted all purpose vehicle. Drive off with a squeal.
Damn, you the man. I am so sad.


shirley said...

Did he have pointy teeth?

Chaos and love said...

Hehe. If he did sweetie, the last sentence would not have been sarcastic ;)