Sunday, March 29, 2009

kids get it sometimes

Today my son has a fever. He is on the couch. Not following me up the stairs. Not laughing. We are waiting out this nasty virus on a sunny spring day.
So, we are watching some television. This ad comes on about the Vulcan automatic rifle. Wait. It's Nerf. WTF? So I comment, "why would anyone make that?" My son, not missing a beat, in his fever voice replies, "maybe the army made them so kids will want to be in the army. They are trying to brainwash them."


Shannon said...

my son would want this. Isaiah for sure, and desi saw something similar in the store yesterday and was ALL about it.

Sigh. I seem to be very good at producing rebellious children.

Chaos and love said...

To me this was just too much, ya know? Do kids really need a "clip"?

I know many boys like the water guns and nerf stuff. Gabriel sometimes looks, but I just always told him how I feel about it.

He does, however, have an uncle who is all about it too.