Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am all of you

I am part of the wind. It hits me and I see. I drive down the country road. My friends are there, the hawk on the line, the heron perched on the beavers dam, the alpacas, shorn and alert, the sheep, the crows, galloping horses, sleeping horses. The chickens movin around the yards. The cows. The black cows and their shiny babies. On the freeway on-ramp suckling from their mothers, laying in the grass, chasing a bird. Thinking of my shiny, slippery baby. Looking at me as he fed from his mother. The love, the connection, the feral cry that sent my body to new highs. The bond, the need, the wariness, the desire. I am all of you.

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Nydia said...

Oh, so adorable, and so true! I drank from these words, Chaos, thank you for this.